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When the Washington Senators baseball franchise moved to Minnesota and was renamed the Minnesota Twins, the franchise played all of their games outside. Decades after the move, and long since people have forgotten that the Minnesota Twins Roster used to be the Senators, Twins Baseball has gone back to being played outside.


Target Field, the first baseball stadium built specifically for the Minnesota Twins in decades was opened in April 2010. Target Field marked the end of indoor Twins Baseball. Target Field is an outdoor state of the art baseball stadium built in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. Accessible by major highways, the lightrail and several city bus lines Target Field is a stadium for the fans.


Target Field also serves as an homage to the history of Minnesota and the Minnesota Twins. Instead of numbered gates, the Target Field Gates are labeled with retired jersey numbers of former Twins baseball players. The concession stands host a variety of food that ranges from ball pack classics just like the original Twins Stadium served to Minnesota Classics, like chicken wild rice soup and juicy lucys.


The Target Field Seating Chart can accommodate 39,504 Twins Fans when filled to capacity. The Target Field Seating Chart is split into several different levels and offers a wide range of Twins Ticket prices, depending on the type of seat you are looking for. Target Field also offers climate controlled concourses to accommodate for the unpredictable Minnesotan weather. If you live in the Twin Cities or are a baseball fan at all, you should buy Target Field Tickets today!


Target Field


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